Solar-Powered Tea

sun brewed iced teaAlso known as sun tea, this solar-powered tea is much more refreshing and delicious than its counterpart, brewed tea. It is also very easy to prepare, especially on a hot sunny day.

Solar-powered tea tastes great just by itself, however, lemon or any other fruit can be added for extra flavor, as well as mint, honey or sugar.

Served garnished or straight up, this tea is definitely a summer favorite!



  • A big glass jar with a lid (I use a one gallon wine jug)
  • 6 tea bags
  • A sunny day

Fill the clean glass jar with water and add the six tea bags. Make sure you leave all the strings hanging over the rim of the bottle so you can to remove the tea bags once the tea is ready. Put it outside in direct sun light and leave it for an hour or two, or until the tea gets dark enough.

sun teasun brewed teanatural homemade sun tea




Serve on ice and refresh yourself!