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What fuel do you put in your body?

“One out of every two Americans alive today will die of cardiovascular disease, usually in the form of heart attack. And heart attacks are never cause by corn, broccoli, or cauliflower; they are not the work of pears, plums, or peaches; they are never brought on by rice, barley, or lentils. They can virtually always be attributed to saturated fat and cholesterol” (Howard F. Lyman, Mad Cowboy).

GSU’s objective is to present original ideas and recipes to show you how to embrace a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Going meatless any meal or day of the week is a good way to explore a whole new world of flavors and textures. Meatless Monday, for instance, is a global campaign that was popularized by Paul McCartney in the U.K. in 2003. The goal of this movement is to improve the health of people and lower our impact in the planet by reducing the amount of meat consumed by the average westerner by 15%.

The Green Cuisine section of GSU offers a wide variety of healthy, easy and delicious plant-based diet recipes and meal ideas that will allow you to enjoy fresh, delicious, and fulfilling meals without any meat or animal products.

Quinoa & Beet Root

A Good Place to Start: Your Local Farmers Market!

Discovering all these wonderful healthy and meatless alternatives can be a great experience. While learning about greener choices, you may realize that one of the best places to shop is your local farmers market! Most neighborhoods in the United States have a farmer market nearby that offers locally grown high quality farm fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.  The people are always nice, the produce is always fresh, and most likely you will discover items that you have never seen or tried before.


Farmers markets are a better option because they offer products grown in a more sustainable way at an affordable price. For example, they work with local family owned farms so their produce doesn’t travel so far from the fields to your table, which is one of the reasons why their veggies are fresher and taste better.

Besides vegetables, in most farmer markets you can find all kinds of high quality products produced in your community. Find your nearest farmers market now: U.S.A.’s Farmers Markets.

Eat the Rainbow

Smoking Good!

In addition to quality and freshness, color is another important factor when putting food in your plate, so if you are pursuing a healthy and balanced diet, add a good variety of colors to your meals! According to registered dietitian and American Dietetic Association Spokesperson Karen Ansel, adding a splash of colorful seasonal foods to your plate makes for more than just a festive meal. “A rainbow of foods creates a palette of nutrients, each with a different bundle of potential benefits for a healthful eating plan,” she explains.

Studies show that the longer your produce has to travel to your home the more vitamins it will lose due to heat and light exposure.  Also, produce with a long trip ahead of it will often be picked before it has fully ripened, keeping it from developing its full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients.

If you don’t have a farmers market nearby, you can ask your local grocer where their produce is grown or even go a step further and grow some veggies at home. Be open to try new things and share your experiences with your friends and family!


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