Green Up Your Life!

Everything we acquire comes from somewhere and ends up somewhere, let’s be responsible consumers!

On GSU’s pages you will find simple ways to minimize your impact on the environment while enjoying nature to the fullest.

    • Green Cuisine: Prepare easy and delicious high-protein plant-based meals that everyone will love.
    • Smoothie Bar: Make wholesome seasonal fruit and vegetable smoothies packed with omega-3 and antioxidants.
    • Housemates: Improve the air quality of your home and workspace with beautiful low-maintenance indoor plants.
    • Clever Recycling: Learn simple recycling and water conservation tips and get ideas to re-purpose things and save natural resources.
    • Outdoor Fun: Get motivated and engage in energizing outdoor activities, such as city cycling, hiking and backpacking, and yoga.

You will also find contributions from several worldwide guests who have shared their vegan recipes and green lifestyles on this site!

Do you want to share your favorite plant-based recipe or green lifestyle tips? Contact GSU and tell us what’s alive in you!

What are you waiting for? Start greening up your life now!