Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Recycled Cork Bulletin BoardCork is impermeable, buoyant, elastic, fire resistant, biodegradable, and has an earthy natural look. This high quality material, which is also eco-friendly, has become quite popular in today’s trend towards sustainability.

Cork is extracted from the bark of the Quercus Suber tree, also know as the Cork Oak. Cork Oaks are native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa (Portugal is one of the main cork producers in the world). These evergreen Oaks can live up to two hundred years and attain a height of 65 feet. Once the trunk of the tree tree reaches 25” in circumference, at about  28 years of age, the first cork extraction can be made (a process that can usually be repeated every nine years).

cork pileAlthough this amazing material has been historically used by the wine industry for the production of bottle stoppers, the use of cork has expanded to other industries and has become a very trendy all-purpose material. Cork is widely used in the construction industry (especially for flooring), for home decor (kitchen accessories, decorative pieces, and furniture), and even apparel (shoes, purses, wallets, bracelets, etcetera).

cork drawer liner

cork drawer liner

Cork items offer a natural look that can give your home and/or office a warm earthy touch. Start saving your corks and make yourself this gorgeous recycled cork bulletin board!

GSU’s TIP: In order to gather the amount of used corks that you will need to complete this project, ask your favorite bartender if she/he would start saving corks for you. To assist them with their cork gathering, bring them a nice basket, bucket or glass vase that they can use to collect  their tips and your corks! And of course, if you like wine, you can do your part by popping some corks at home while enjoying some good company! Just make sure you avoid purchasing twist top bottles!


  • A  nice wooden frame (take a cork to a thrift store and look for a deep picture frame where your cork will fit. You can also cut the corks in half),
  • a few hundred corks (depending on the size of your frame),
  • a cardboard or hardboard panel (if your frame doesn’t have one already),
  • school glue,
  • wooden push pins,
  • depending on your frame, you might need a cutter or scissors, a measuring tape, a pencil, a few short wood screws, and a screwdriver.

Putting it together is as simple as gluing the corks to the frame’s cardboard or hardboard panel. If you want to be creative and come up with a specific design, you should wait until you have a substantial amount of corks before you begin the assembly process. If you are more spontaneous, just glue the corks as you collect them and watch your recycled project develop! Use the different cork tones, types and positions (vertical, horizontal, oblique, slices, halves, etcetera) to make your one of a kind bulletin board!

This 23”x 21” frame has approximately 300 full corks.

Now, it is time to start pinning up your notes, reminders and inspirational quotes! Your unique and cool looking homemade recycled bulletin board will help you stay organized, motivated and productive!