Tree Stump Coasters & Pen Holders

Tree Stump Pen HolderMaking these neat and rustic looking tree stump coasters, pen holders and trivets is a fun and easy way to recycle some of your Christmas tree after the holidays. All you need is a drill, a saw–a chain saw would make the job easier–and some sand paper. If you want to get fancy and stain your piece, you will need a brush and some wood stain or lacquer.

Mulch: Another great way to recycle Christmas trees is by turning them into mulch, a valuable organic material used for enhancing the quality of soil. Wood-chip mulch and other organic mulches add nutrients to the soil and help to conserve the moisture; they also block the sun, which prevents unwanted weeds from germinating and growing around the plants. Many cities and neighborhoods have recycling centers that will take your old Christmas tree and turn it into mulch. Call your local municipality’s administrative office to obtain all of the information that you need in order to dispose of your tree responsibly!


Recycled tree project materials

  • Chain saw: You will need a chain saw to cut the tree trunk into pieces and/or slices–depending on your project. You can also do this with a regular saw but it will take a lot more time and energy.
  • Drill: The drill will be used to make the holes in the tree stump-pen holder.
  • Sand Paper:  Used to smooth the surface (optional).
  • Lacquer or clear coat: This will protect and enhance the wood’s natural appearance. For a more rustic look, leave it bare.
  • Work Gloves: Used to protect your hands.

sand jobHoles on tree stump pen holder






Besides the coasters and pen holders, you can make wood trivets, card holders and napkin holders. Use your imagination and come up with your own recycled tree items!