Light Bulb Planter

Light bulb planterThis is a super cute and original DIY decorative piece that you won’t be able to find at any store. All you need is a burnt out light bulb and a few tools!

This cool recycled light bulb planter will light up your home and catch the attention of your guests. It can be used as a flower vase or to grow a plant–ideal for steam or leaf cutting propagation.

Hang it from the ceiling, green up your desk, or  make it a unique and thoughtful present for someone special! Get creative and decorate your light bulb planter with your own artistic style!


Materials and tools:

  • A medium or large burnt out tiny light bulb planterlight bulb
  • A needle nose set of pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Fishing line, metal thread, or wax thread
  • Optional: beads for decoration
  • A small plant clipping or flower
  • Water


For taking the filament and the wires out of the light bulb you will need a set of needle nose pliers and a wire cutter. Wear some safety glasses and heavy duty gloves to protect your eyes and hands in case the glass brakes.

First of all, use the wire cutter to crush the insulation around the electrical contact on the base of the light bulb (the metal rim).





Once you removed the electrical contact, use the needle nose pliers to pull out the filament and the wires from the light bulb. You will have to break a thin layer of glass located in the center of the hole that you just created in the base of the light bulb.




Once the filament has been removed from the light bulb, make two little holes in opposite sides of the base in order to pass the fishing line or thread that is going to allow you to hang the light bulb. You can use a drill or a little nail and a hammer to make these holes. If you use the nail and the hammer, put the nail diagonally through the hole and, from the inside of the base, punch a hole through the metal.  Some light bulbs already have some tiny holes on the base so you can skip this step.

After the holes have been punched in the base, thread each end of the fishing line or thread from the outside of the base to the inside through the holes and tie a large nut so the ends of the string cannot pull through.

Wash the light bulb planter with some room temperature water (if the water is too cold or too hot, the light bulb could crack). Then pour some water in it and add a flower or a plant clipping. Finally, find a nice place to hang it, like a hook in the ceiling or a curtain rod by the window!

Planters made out of recycled items: