Plant a Tree!

Trees are long-lived perennial woody plants that have existed on this planet for over 350 million years. They play an essential role in the terrestrial ecosystem by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They also provide shade, shelter, and food to human beings and wildlife. Besides helping make our life on Earth possible, trees add beauty and character to any landscape. So, why is our planet suffering from an indiscriminate cutting of trees?

Although living trees provide us with a wide range of services, logged trees supply us with important goods, such as fuel, timber, and paper. Moreover, the cleared land is usually used for food production, pasture for livestock, and urban development.

Today, due to accelerated urbanization and rapid population growth, forests are logged at a rate faster than they can regenerate, and half of the world’s original forest has already been destroyed. Although the conversion of forest to agriculture and the overexploitation of wood products might result in rapid economic gains, it might also lead to loss of long-term income and long term biological productivity. West Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and many other regions have experienced lower revenue because of overexploitation and the consequent declining timber harvests (Destruction of Renewable Resources, Mongabay).

The loss of forest and green areas can also induce climate changes and lower the quality of the air. Furthermore, thousands of animal and plant species become extinct every year due to forest depletion.

Planting and growing a tree is a good way to give something back to Mother Nature and sets a great example for further generations.

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Plant a tree and remember all the benefits and good reasons to do so:

  • Plants and trees help eliminate indoor and outdoor air pollution and enrich the quality of the soil.
  • As no other life form can, plants produce their food out of the energy from the sun and by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen (photosynthesis) they make all human and animal life on this planet possible.
  • They act as windbreaks, help recycle water, slow storm water run-off, create cool shaded areas, and provide food and shelter to humans and wild life.
  • They are beautiful and refreshing, and transmit a sense of peacefulness and healthiness; they  make any place look better.
  • Greenery also attracts beautiful birds and butterflies, promoted biodiversity, and increases the value of any property!

We cannot live without trees. Let’s cherish and promote their existence!

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