Lavash Pizza

These low-carb lavash pizzas are super easy to prepare and make amazingly delicious light meals! You can bake them in the oven or toast them in a skillet on the stove.

Originally from Armenia and the Eurasian region, lavash is a soft flat-bread made out of flour, water and salt. Lavash is a great alternative to the popular pita bread, so serve it with your hummus and aubergine pâté dips. This flat-bread is also ideal for light sandwiches or wraps.

Arugula-Artichoke Lavash

The following are a few simple and exquisite lavash pizza recipes; be adventurous and try more ingredients! Make your pizza low in carbs and high in nutritional value, choose whole grain lavash flatbread!

Ready in 15 minutes:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or place your 10-inch skillet on the stove on medium heat.

Recommended vegan cheeses:

Follow Your Heart ♥ or Teese (soy, gluten, dairy, casein, and nuts-free). These cheeses melt easily and taste great, especially Follow Your Heart!


Napolitan Vegan Lavash

• Toppings: vegan mozzarella cheese cubes or shreds, tomato slices, and fresh chopped garlic.
• Garnish after baking: thinly sliced fresh basil, fresh crushed black pepper, chili flakes, and olive oil.
• Optional: a layer of tomato sauce under the cheese.


Rock Arugula & Artichoke Lavash

• Toppings: vegan mozzarella cubes or shreds, thinly sliced red onion, artichoke chunks.
• Garnish after baking: halved Kalamata olives, rock arugula salad (toss your arugula in lemon pepper, sea salt, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and olive oil), and chili flakes.


Spinach & Asparagus Lavash

• Toppings: vegan mozzarella, sautéed spinach, and grilled asparagus.
• Garnish after baking: garlic pepper, sea salt, and olive oil.                                                     • Optional: black olives.