Living with the Planet

Living with the Planet, Catherine von RuhlandOutline: very instructive and graphic; engaging.

First Edition published in 2008

Living with the Planet: Making a Difference in a Time of Climate Change        

by Catherine von Ruhland


Catherine von Ruhland describes the most critical environmental issues of our planet and their relationship with climate change and humans’ actions. Living with the Planet includes an overview of the Earth, its atmosphere, and its oceans, and explains the different effects of climate change continent by continent. The author goes a step further and suggests ways for readers to make a positive difference by ‘taking action’ in our everyday lives to lower our impact on the planet. Living with the Planet also explains the greenhouse effect, global warming, natural disasters (including worldwide floods and droughts), the depletion of ocean ecosystems, the rising level and temperatures of the sea, the consequences of forest exploitation, the diminishing and disappearing of the Earth’s glaciers, the extinction of flora and fauna species, and the vulnerability of biodiversity. In addition, many renowned environmentalists and their contributions to conservation are mentioned and recognized throughout the chapters. “The intention is to place our individual actions in their global context to show that actions such as taking a shower instead of a bath, picking up litter, travelling by public transport instead of by car, or leaving a wild section in your garden to allow small creatures to thrive have their own intrinsic value,” Catherine explains. The book’s full-color illustrations and maps bring the written material to life. Great and vital read for anyone who wants to get informed and engaged with the current state of our planet and the possible future consequences of climate change and humans’ behavior.